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You could have a solid slip-and-fall case

Winter is here, and that means ice and snow abound. New Hampshire is not the warmest state, and most people are familiar with the steps they need to take to stay safe when it's icy and snowy outside.Unfortunately, there are still times when people don't take their...

Avoiding a jackknifing incident

Many of the big rig accidents that occur in New Hampshire involve jackknifing. There are two types of jackknifing. In a trailer jackknife, the trailer wheels lose traction, usually during hard braking. In a tractor jackknife, the tractor wheels lose traction during...

Distracted driving is tough to stop

Distracted driving is common in New Hampshire and across the nation. One report showed that almost 8 in 10 consumers talk on the phone while behind the wheel. Around 30% have almost been in serious accidents because they were driving while distracted.These figures...

Road rage accidents on the rise

Many people in New Hampshire are concerned about the dangerous effects of road rage. Aggressive, angry drivers can pose a serious threat to others on the road, even if another person's careless or reckless behavior originally provoked their outrage. Some cases have...


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