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Why are American drivers so deadly?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle culture is ubiquitous in the United States. Many young adults view the acquisition of a license in their own vehicle as a crucial step toward independence. People often evaluate potential employees or romantic partners based on the type of vehicle that they drive or the way they act in traffic. The average family needs a vehicle for the basic aspects of daily life.

The overall prevalence of motor vehicles in United States culture does not necessarily mean that drivers are safer here than elsewhere. If anything, traffic statistics seem to indicate exactly the opposite. People in the United States are at increased risk of severe collisions because of how poorly some people behave in traffic.

What makes drivers in the United States such a safety concern for others?

Increasingly dangerous driving conduct

Since 2020, there has been a statistically significant increase in dangerous driving behaviors. Motorists surveyed by researchers and traffic crash reports substantiate the idea that driving has become more dangerous in the last four years. Overall, motorists are now more likely to speed, text while driving or become unreasonably aggressive in traffic than they were just a few years ago. Those shifts in traffic behavior have led to far more collisions that cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Increasingly large vehicles

Another reason why traffic has become more dangerous in the United States when compared with other developed nations is the trend toward larger vehicles. SUVs and pickup trucks used to represent a minority of the vehicles and traffic. These days, they dominate the roads. As vehicles have gotten bigger and heavier, the aftermath of collisions has become more severe. Larger vehicles cause more damage to pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. They also create unique traffic hazards, such as blind spots that don’t exist with smaller vehicles.

The sad truth is that driving has become more dangerous in recent years, and people are more likely to end up injured or dead should a crash occur. Being aware of changing risks on the road may help people better prioritize car crash avoidance while they are in traffic. Those who can’t avoid crashes due to the poor driving habits of others may benefit from learning about their rights afterward.