What is child-centered divorce?

In a divorce, spouses often get caught up in fighting for the best outcome for themselves regarding money and property. Parents can lose track of the most important issue: The well-being of their children. Divorce is incredibly traumatic and parents should do...

Could divorce mediation actually save you money?

All too often, divorce is an incredibly expensive process. In addition to legal expenses, property division with your ex can substantially reduce your overall personal wealth. Many people desperately hope to reduce what their divorce will cost. Divorce mediation is...

Make the most of holiday parenting time

As the holidays approach, many divorced parents find it difficult to navigate parenting time. Even though divorced parents have a parenting plan and parenting time dates set in advance, conflicts can still arise when unexpected issues come up.  Whether it’s missing a...

3 parenting time options after a divorce

Protecting your parental rights after a divorce is important. It’s also important to closely consider the best way to keep your children’s life stable so that they feel supported. There are several ways that you and your ex-spouse could split up your parenting time....


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