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What rights does someone have after a crash while on the clock?

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes are one of the risks that society accepts as a trade-off for the convenience of individual transportation. People know that they could end up hurt in a crash during their morning commute or while dropping their children off at basketball practice, but they generally accept that risk as part of modern life.

Professionals in a broad range of industries, ranging from managers and salespeople to welders, plumbers and electricians may occasionally need to drive for work or may find that driving is a daily activity required by their employment. Every mile on the road contributes to someone’s risk of getting into a crash. Many people don’t realize that car wrecks are a leading cause of worker injuries and workplace fatalities. After a work-related crash happens in New Hampshire, an injured worker may be able to apply for workers’ comp. However, it is generally a mistake to stop there if another’s actions or inactions caused the wreck.

An attorney can help to hold the negligent driver accountable

A surprising number of people don’t understand the rules that apply after a collision while they are on the clock. Some people think, for example, that only workers’ compensation benefits are available. Although workers’ compensation are usually available after a car crash at work, it is not your only recourse. Workers’ compensation will only reimburse someone for a fraction of their lost wages, for example.

The liability policy of the driver who caused the crash will apply as well. The worker who was not at fault for the collision can rely on the other driver’s insurance to fully recover their health care costs and their total lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

If the crash resulted in serious consequences that will affect someone’s career, the person hurt in the wreck may need to take the matter to court because the costs they incurred were far higher than the coverage available from the motorist at fault for the wreck. Personal injury lawsuits in New Hampshire can provide someone with more thorough compensation.

Either the individual motorists or possibly their employer, if they were also at work at the time of the crash, will likely have theoretical liability for the cost generated during the collision. Understanding the options available after a collision disrupts someone’s workday can help that person better navigate these complicated matters.

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