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How a lawyer can help determine fault after a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone who has experienced a motor vehicle collision in New Hampshire likely already understands the noteworthy limitations of the current system that broadly analyzes collisions and assigns fault. Police officers take the statements from the parties involved and any witnesses. They then document the scene of the crash and make a judgment about who is ultimately to blame for the wreck.

All too often, the truth may be misconstrued or misrepresented, and fault becomes unclear or inaccurate. How might someone coping with the aftermath of such a crash fight back against the misconduct of a driver who is actually at fault for a wreck?

Seeking legal guidance

Personal bias can play a role in everything from a police officer’s interpretation of the situation to how insurance adjusters handle the matter. Even in court, a jury’s perception of the people filing the claim and responding to it may influence what determination they ultimately reach. Those who have a lawyer don’t have to worry as much about their emotions overcoming them or about failing to argue their case appropriately. Lawyers presenting personal injury claims in court or negotiating with insurance companies can usually detach themselves more than their clients would, which makes it easier for them to produce a logical and convincing argument.

Additionally, lawyers who have experience handling the fallout of motor vehicle collisions may have an easier time analyzing the existing evidence and developing a narrative that clearly demonstrates how the other driver was at fault for the wreck. Attorneys can help their clients make use of photographs and other evidence. They can assist with the process of collecting camera footage, phone records or witness statements. They can even facilitate a crash recreation that can help convince the courts that the other driver was truly to blame for the wreck.

It is all too common for motorists harmed in a crash to accept an inaccurate allocation of fault and try to rebuild their lives afterward without the compensation they deserve. Motorists have the right to hold other drivers accountable for their poor decisions at the wheel, but they sometimes need support if they intend to file an insurance claim or take someone to court.

Crafting a strong case

Developing a compelling case that helps to prove that the other motorist is to blame for a crash is often a key focus of a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim after a collision, and those who seek legal guidance may increase their chances of success.

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