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How recent trends make roads more dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Firm News |

COVID-19 has been a terribly impactful event, and its effects can be seen on the road. Stemming from the lockdown-era in the United States, there are two common situations that are reducing safety on the road.  First, there are many drivers venturing back out onto roads, commuting and travelling for the first time in many months. Second, there are drivers who learned poor habits during lockdowns such as speeding and a disregard for rules of the road.

The increase in bad driving habits

Sloppy driving habits learned during 2020’s low traffic levels include missed stop signs and signals. In fact, the personal injury attorneys at Solomon Law Firm in Londonderry have seen a dramatic increase of cases where drivers miss or perhaps ignore clear stop signals. Recent incidents include a tractor trailer running a red light and broadsiding a vehicle and a utility truck doing the same. Drivers at work are not all to blame; there have been several drivers in personal vehicles running stop signs and causing serious injuries.

Speeding rates continue to increase

The speeding that happened during lockdown hasn’t stopped in the post-COVID lockdown world.  There are suddenly many more cars on the road, but the increased speeding when roads were deserted keeps happening.  According to AP News, there has been a dramatic increase in speeding, even post-lockdown, leading to highway deaths.

Caution is necessary

Vehicles can be deadly steel instruments that weigh thousands of pounds. Now that more drivers are returning to the road, an abundance of caution is necessary for everyone. Drivers who are returning to the road after limited or no driving and drivers that are used to far less traffic need to remember the rules of the road and beware of those who do not obey them.

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