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A second look at motorcycle safety

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It’s easy to find motorcycle safety tips all over the internet. While promoting careful and defensive motorcycle driving is very important, it is already a well-known fact that defensive driving is key for bike enthusiasts that share the road with cars and trucks.

Why do motorcycle accidents really happen?

So why do many safety articles focus on the fault of the motorcyclist for crashes and deaths? What are the actual most prevalent reasons for severe and fatal motorcycle accidents?

Recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that 60% of all motorcycle accidents involved two or more vehicles and that two thirds of accidents involving motorcycles were because another vehicle violated their right of way. Finally, the simple fact is, for reasons that are difficult to explain, automobile drivers simply “don’t see” motorcyclists.

A disturbing trend

While other motor vehicle drivers’ failure to look out for motorcyclists is a perennial problem, driving while distracted (DWD), is only making that problem worse. Cell phones are also well known distractors. Newer electronic distractions such as vehicle control screens and other embedded technologies, are giving drivers new challenges to pay attention to the road. Even safety improvements such as ABS brakes on newer motorcycles cannot compete with someone using automated driving technology to operate a vehicle while texting or pushing buttons on a vehicle screen.

Legal advocacy after a motorcycle crash

Motorcyclists have a right to be on the road with other vehicles. When someone’s negligence ends up causing a crash with tragic losses, injuries, you need skilled and aggressive legal advocacy to fight for compensation. Solomon Law Firm in Londonderry is experienced at representing personal injury victims and has represented scores of motorcyclists for many years; they are dedicated to their clients and to achieving the compensation they deserve.