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Is your ex engaging in parental interference?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Divorce |

You can hope for an amicable divorce and at Solomon Law Firm that is what we strive for– especially when you have children — but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one. The animosity of a divorce can continue for years.

Naturally, in some cases, the ongoing disputes with an ex can lead to serious problems, especially if they start interfering with the parenting time you have with your children.  Unfortunately, the ongoing disputes with your ex can lead to serious problems, especially if they start interfering with the parenting time you have with your children.  

What is parental interference?

Parental interference occurs whenever a parent violates the terms of the parenting plan by withholding the children from the other parent, making disparaging remarks about the other parent to the children and acting to adversely impact the children’s relationship with that parent.

It doesn’t matter if a mom or dad is withholding the children because they’re unhappy with the parenting plan; it’s unlawful to express discontentment by depriving the co-parent of parenting time.  They must seek a modification instead. 

Any situation in which a parent fails to transfer their son or daughter to the co-parent because of his/her non-payment of child support also constitutes unlawful parenting interference. Again, a parent must go through the proper legal channels to address such a matter with the court. 

A parent can also face decision making interference allegations if he/she makes unilateral decisions regarding the children’s medical care, education, or religion without first consulting the other parent who shares joint legal decision-making rights. 

What happens if a parent engages in parental interference?

Parents who withhold parenting time to protest a parenting plan or stop child support payments may face wage garnishment, have their license suspended, or parenting rights limited or removed by the judge. 

You shouldn’t let incidents in which your ex infringes on your parental rights spiral out of control. You’ll want to take action as soon as you see a pattern to these actions. The attorneys at Solomon Law Firm can advise you of the legal options that you can take to reassert your parental rights.