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The 2 easiest ways to handle spring break in your custody schedule

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Divorce |

Deciding how to split parenting time can be one of the hardest parts of divorcing when you have children. Both of you will want quality time with the kids as well as opportunities to do something special.

Spring break can offer both of those things. You could potentially go on a short trip with your kids someplace warm and sunny or hunker down at home for a week of movie nights and family fun.

The chances are good that both you and your ex would like some parenting time during spring break. Let’s discuss two simple ways to handle how your kids will spend spring break as you work out your custody schedule.

Split the week in half

The simplest and perhaps most obvious way to address spring break is for each parent to take half of the time. Most school districts will have an entire week off of school, which means that there is a school week as well as two weekends for the parents to split.

Each can have a weekend and several days during the week. This can be a great solution, especially if your family doesn’t plan to do any extensive traveling this year.

Alternate spring breaks

You may want to use an alternating schedule for spring break if splitting it up isn’t the right approach. For older teens who may want to go on trips and for families that plan to travel during spring break, giving the entire break to one parent may be the best solution. The parents can look forward to having spring break every other year.

Thinking about solutions for the needs of your family during vacation times like spring break in addition to your regular weekly and monthly schedule when negotiating custody terms during your divorce can be a big part of planning for the future.