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When motorcycles and cars collide, the motorcyclist always loses

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you ever doubted how vulnerable motorcyclists are, consider that seven New Hampshire motorcyclists died last year in a single crash with one pickup truck. While the accident’s exact cause is yet to be determined, this devastating incident highlights the danger drivers pose to those on two wheels. If a car and motorcycle collide, it is almost certainly the motorcyclist who will come off worse. Car drivers are protected by their vehicles. Motorcyclists have nothing but the clothing they wear to protect them, and that is often not enough.

What injuries do motorcyclists suffer in fatal crashes?

A recent study of motorcycle accidents found that half of those who died did so before making it to the hospital. Of those that did reach the hospital, 45% died before doctors could perform surgery. The figures show that most motorcyclists who die suffer more than one serious injury. These were the areas of the body where the injuries occur:

  • Head trauma: 67%
  • Thoracic trauma: 40%
  • Hypovolemic shock: 38%
  • Abdominal trauma: 35%
  • Other causes: 12%

What can be done to reduce motorcyclist fatalities?

The best way to save more lives is to prevent motorcyclists from being knocked off their bikes in the first place. Helmet and protective clothing will keep some people from severe injury or death, but as soon as someone comes off their motorcycle, the odds are against them. Drivers need to ensure they avoid distractions when driving and only take the wheel when in a fit state to do so.

If you or a family member are unlucky enough to be involved in a motorcycle crash, seek legal help to fight for full compensation. The chances are you will suffer severe damage that could have a lasting effect on your life.