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Drowsiness: A potential hazard for all drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drowsiness a significant risk to drivers, and it’s one that can be extremely dangerous on the roads. Though there are other reasons for crashes, drowsiness is a leading cause of collisions in America.

Most people don’t plan to drive when they’re exhausted or tired, but sometimes, they feel they don’t have a choice. Whether it’s for work or because of other responsibilities, they may choose to drive when they’d be better off staying at home. Taking that risk could result in a serious collision, which then could cause fatalities or catastrophic injuries to the victims.

Among the most at-risk drivers are those who drive commercial vehicles.

Why do heavy trucks crash?

There are many reasons why any driver might crash, but for commercial vehicles, one of the primary causes is drowsiness and drowsy driving. Sleep deprivation that results from trying to meet tight deadlines is just one of the reasons why a driver might fall asleep or feel drowsy behind the wheel. Other possible reasons are poor sleep, medical conditions or boredom.

Drowsiness can make it hard to keep your eyes open, which is why it’s so dangerous for drivers. Just a second or two looking away from the road could lead to a driver missing signs of hazards or upcoming vehicles so that they end up crashing or going off the road.

As someone who has to drive on the roads around heavy vehicles, it’s important for you to take steps to avoid staying in the vehicle’s blind spots. If you notice that the driver is weaving or acting unusually, call 911 or the local police. Your action could help save a life.