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Hazards workers commonly experience on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2019 | Uncategorized |

People in New Hampshire and everywhere else face a certain level of risk while on the job. The 2019 Liberty Mutual index has ranked the most common types of injuries based on data collected in 2016. The most common injury on the list was overexertion caused by outside sources. However, the most common injury in the construction and professional services industries was falls from the same level.

Nationally, overexertion injuries involving outside sources resulted in $13.11 billion in losses while falls from the same level resulted in $10.38 billion in losses. Combined, the top 10 injuries from the 2019 index cost employers $46.93 billion and accounted for 84.66% of all disabling injuries. Other types of injuries on the top 10 list included falls from different levels, being struck by an object and slipping and tripping without any warning. Those types of accidents accounted for 8.99%, 9.42% and 3.93% of injuries.

The purpose of the survey is to let employers know how they can make their workplaces safer. They can accomplish this goal through new technology, increased training or by overhauling a workplace safety program. System controls can also help keep employees safe while on the job. Insurance companies may be able to provide more insight into how to mitigate risk within an organization.

Regardless of how a worker is hurt, he or she may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, which may help him or her make ends meet while out of work. Typically, an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will pay for an employee’s medical bills that are related to the injury. The benefits may be extended permanently if a person is unable to return to work. An attorney may help clients learn more about the workers’ compensation system.