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Could divorce mediation actually save you money?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Divorce |

All too often, divorce is an incredibly expensive process. In addition to legal expenses, property division with your ex can substantially reduce your overall personal wealth. Many people desperately hope to reduce what their divorce will cost.

Divorce mediation is often held up as an example of a way for people to save money at the end of their marriage. Will mediation actually make your divorce less expensive, or does it just add yet another bill to that stack of expenses you have to pay for the dissolution of your marriage?

Mediation Basics

Even though mediators come with their own expenses, they can drastically cut down how long it takes you to reach a settlement and, therefore, make your divorce overall more affordable. A mediator is a completely neutral professional. Neither spouse can have their own attorney serve as the mediator.

The mediator should be a person with no formal relation to either spouse or the attorneys to ensure fairness. Mediation can reduce your divorce expenses if you reach a settlement that you both sign. You can utilize mediation to resolve some or all of your divorce issues. 

Why people think mediation is worth it

Saving part of what you would spend on your divorce is only one of many reasons why mediation could benefit your family. It can also help you and your ex keep things more amicable, which can be incredibly important if you share children.

Mediation also gives you more influence over the final settlement, which can be important if you have your own small business or other assets that are important to you. Mediation is a private process that gives you an opportunity to address issues from your marriage without it becoming part of the court record. Issues like infidelity or dissipation of marital assets can be addressed without testifying about those issues in open court.

Solomon Law Firm’s divorce mediation services by an attorney certified in marital and family mediation can make the divorce process smoother and less expensive for both parties involved.