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Is your marriage headed toward divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2021 | Divorce |

While it’s fully possible that a divorce could take you by surprise, most marriages show signs of trouble long before one or both spouses call it quits. 

Recognizing the signs that divorce is coming is beneficial so you can prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially for what will come. Here are three big signs that your marriage is in trouble:

Lack of caring

People who still want to be married will fight to keep their marriage together. When you realize that you don’t care about resolving disagreements or that it doesn’t matter what happens to your spouse, you might be heading toward a divorce. It’s very hard to get back the desire to care about the marriage once those feelings have eroded.

No physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is a big part of marriage. If you aren’t ever physically intimate with your spouse or if you dread being intimate, your marriage might not last. In some cases, a spouse might start working longer hours or take up a time-consuming hobby just to stay away from home so he/she can avoid this. 

A yearning for the single life

For some people, the most obvious sign that their marriage is ending is that they continually think about what life would be like if they were single. Many will even begin to take steps that play on that idea, like starting a new exercise routine, changing their makeup or altering other personal habits. If you find yourself thinking more and more about the single life, that’s a big sign that you’ve mentally moved on from your marriage. 

Consulting with an attorney can help you to find out exactly what steps you need to take now to protect yourself during a divorce.