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If you got married young, your divorce odds are higher

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Divorce |

There’s some evidence that an early marriage is more likely to lead to divorce than marriages that take place between more mature couples. If you tied the knot right out of high school, don’t take this as an indictment of your relationship or a guarantee that you will get divorced. Some couples make it last, even when they get married at a young age. However, studies have simply shown that divorce odds are higher for those who marry so early. 

Generally speaking, experts point to the window from 28 years old to 32 years old as the “ideal” time for marriage. That’s when you have the best odds of staying together. Get married too far after that or too far before it, and the odds of divorce go up. Those who are 20 years old and under have some of the highest divorce odds that they’ve seen. 

The exact reasons for the divorce may differ, even when the couples statistically follow this trend. 

For instance, one spouse may drift apart as they realize they just aren’t the same people they were when they started dating in high school. Another couple may have a very emotional relationship that loses its charm as they spend more time together and settle into the routine of daily life. Yet another couple may run into financial issues trying to fully support themselves at such a young age when many of their friends are still living at home, and we know that financial stress is yet another reason for divorce. 

No matter why it happens, though, the numbers paint a fairly clear picture. Make sure you are well aware of your legal rights as you move toward the end of your own marriage