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The impact of attractiveness on relationship stability

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples in New Hampshire in which one person is more attractive than the other may face a higher likelihood of divorce. An article in “Psychology Today” reports that according to multiple studies, disparity in attractiveness between couples can lead to a number of problems in the relationship.

One of those potential problems is the less attractive partner’s jealousy toward the more attractive partner. Another study found that when women perceive themselves as more attractive than their partners, they are more likely to flirt and are less committed to the relationship. Despite this, yet another study reported that men who are in relationships with more attractive wives are happier than other men in relationships. They are also reportedly more engaged with their wives in helping them solve problems.

A look at online dating practices revealed that women and men often seek out more attractive partners. However, most people settle into relationships with people who have a similar level of attractiveness. Some research has found that if the couples have a friendship before entering into romantic relationships, levels of physical attractiveness are no longer as significant in maintaining the relationship.

Couples who do divorce because of a difference in attractiveness, jealousy, a lack of commitment or other reasons may then have to negotiate agreements regarding property division and child custody. Some elements of property division, such as deciding what to do with a shared home, can be difficult to negotiate for emotional reasons. This is true for child custody negotiations as well. However, if parents can avoid a child custody battle, their children may adjust better to the divorce. Each person’s attorney may be able to assist with the negotiations or conduct the negotiations themselves on behalf of each individual. Unlike litigation, which is an adversarial process, mediation might help couples reach an agreement that both are happy with.