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What happens when visitors or tourists get hurt in New Hampshire

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2022 | Injuries |

When you plan a visit to New Hampshire, whether you come for business travel or tourism, you don’t expect to get hurt. Most visitors to New Hampshire will visit and then leave without any major unanticipated events.

However, sometimes people from out of state get hurt while visiting. Solomon Law Firm has handled several cases such as this.  Maybe you were on your way back to a hotel and ended up hit by a drunk driver. Perhaps you stayed at a hotel that didn’t have enough staff on schedule and ended up getting hurt due to a preventable slip-and-fall caused by wet flooring.

Whether you need to negotiate a significant insurance claim or you need to take someone who hurt you to civil court, you should have the help of a New Hampshire state attorney.

You may not understand the New Hampshire systems

Insurance coverage and personal injury lawsuit rules are different in every single state. Whether you are from Connecticut or Washington, you likely don’t understand the rules that affect injury claims in New Hampshire.

Any lawyer that you might consult back in your home state likely won’t have the necessary licensing to practice law in New Hampshire, let alone the education and experience necessary to advise you on your rights in our state.

You have an attorney who can represent you in court, if necessary, you will typically have to travel back to New Hampshire to pursue a personal injury claim. The cost of travel and accommodations could significantly diminish the returns on your claim.

When you hire a New Hampshire attorney to represent you in court, you don’t need to be physically present in court. They will also have the option of going to meet with insurance adjusters and other New Hampshire professionals who have power over the outcome in your case.

Rather than trying to educate yourself about the laws of another state and handle a stressful claims process on your own, it may be in your best interest to instead hire an attorney like the professionals at the Solomon Law Firm when a trip to New Hampshire ends with an injury. Getting support when you need to pursue a personal injury claim can potentially increase your chances of success.

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