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2 reasons car insurance may not pay your crash-related bills

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When car crashes happen in New Hampshire, the people affected know that they have to follow certain steps. They have to report the collision to the authorities, and then they need to file an insurance claim to repair their vehicle or pay their hospital bills.

The average driver expects a straightforward and uncomplicated claim process after they incur property damage or injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Unfortunately, in a minority of car crash situations, the driver who is not to blame for the crash will realize that insurance won’t pay all of their expenses.

When might insurance leave you with big bills and no way to pay them?

When the other driver doesn’t have coverage

Even though state law requires liability insurance coverage, plenty of drivers let their policies lapse. Drivers should use their turn signals at every corner and comply with the posted speed limit, but everyone knows that many people break these laws.

Drivers without insurance leave others at a disadvantage. Your risk of such a crash is lower in New Hampshire than in much of the rest of the country. Only 6.1% of drivers in New Hampshire do not have insurance, at least based on data from 2019. Still, you may encounter one of these drivers and then realize that you don’t have an option for filing a basic insurance claim.

When the other driver has a bad policy

Many drivers just focus on keeping their insurance costs as low as possible and may drive around with insufficient coverage. If you develop catastrophic injuries or if the insurance company declares your vehicle a total loss, the coverage available from a driver with minimal but legally-compliant insurance coverage could leave you with thousands of dollars in uncovered expenses.

There are two ways to protect yourself from such insurance shortfalls. The first involves carrying additional coverage on your own policy. The second involves the civil courts. If the driver who caused the wreck broke the law or was obviously negligent at the wheel, you could potentially pursue a civil claim against them for your provable financial losses.

Knowing what to do when insurance doesn’t adequately protect you can minimize the losses you suffer after a New Hampshire car crash. You may need the help of an attorney familiar with the shortcomings of car insurance, like the team at the Solomon Law Firm, to resolve the issue.

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